How I Help My Clients Improve Their Posture, Mobility, and Core Activation in Just 4 Weeks!

How great would it be to work out without cringing or wincing after every rep?
What about being able to play with your kids or enjoy your favorite activities without worrying that your body just won’t allow it?

Or even just standing or walking for long periods of time without needing to sit or lay down?

Plenty of people have ambitions, workouts, and hobbies they want to enjoy . . .

But, those with back pain can have a hard time enjoying those activities.
And most of them will go to doctors and physical therapists for help.

They’ll be told “lose some weight. That’ll help”.

Even when high intensity exercise leaves them in pain.

Luckily, you can leave that struggle in the past.

Because I’m about to let you in on an incredible secret that can help you regain your mobility and allow you to enjoy the activities you love again . . .

How Good Posture 
Changed My Lifestyle

My name is Dan Winter, and I know what it’s like to struggle with back pain.

In my early 20s I was always dealing with aches. I loved to kayak and ride my bike, so I pushed through it, but it continued to grow worse.

Funny thing is, I could persevere through the pain when I was rafting, and kayaking.

But, when I was sitting or standing, the pain was excruciating.

Then, I ruptured my knee. 

But, that was just the tip of the iceberg.
Because when I sought out the help of a shiatsu therapist, he linked the injury to tightness in my back.
I was shocked, but I realized that this problem was serious, so I used the recovery and repair process for my knee to investigate.

I spoke to every expert I could find: chiropractors, acupuncturists, physiotherapists, everyone.

My curiosity sparked a greater interest, and I actually ended up studying kinesiology and becoming a certified personal trainer.

During all my discovery process…

I Uncovered A Rarely-taught Art That Helped Me Dissipate My Back Pain

I was taught to activate my core…
Through breathing.

Once I began regularly using it… Something amazing happened…

I felt better, stronger, and more athletically capable than ever!

Not only was I able to get back to rafting - I also did a season of ski patrol, and I even tried my hand at fighting forest fires.

I felt amazing, and I knew that what I learned could make a difference for other people, too.

Eventually, I became a full-time personal trainer and dedicated myself to helping people overcome restrictive physical issues through proper exercise.

What I learned changed my life, and I’m thrilled that it can now do the same for you!

The Secret to 
Better Posture and Mobility

Back pain isn’t a rare occurrence - it affects plenty of people around the world.
Unfortunately, what’s less common is the knowledge about what can be done about it.

Many turn to prescription painkillers in the hopes that it will allow them to function the way they normally do . . .

But pharmaceuticals frequently come with unfortunate side effects that leave you feeling worse than you did before.

Other people simply give up and resign themselves to not being active due to their physical restrictions.
But they simply don’t know…

The Source of Their Pain Isn’t In Their Back

Many times, the cause of your pain isn’t in your back.
It’s actually in the musculature surrounding it.

A weak core, tight hip flexors, tight hamstrings, and many other dysfunctions in the musculature can contribute to excruciating back pain.

That’s why my regenerative process focuses on two things:

Increasing Core Activation and Improving Posture

And I’ve seen amazing results with many of my clients in just 4 weeks.
Sometimes less.

These two aspects of fitness are often overlooked when it comes to back pain.
As I said before, many doctors will tell you to simply lose weight.

Or throw a bunch of exercises at you.

While they overlook the surrounding musculature.

Your core consists of essential muscles that contribute to your entire body’s well-being . . .

And strengthening it can actually balance the body and reduce the strain on your back.

That, compounded with hammering away imbalances in the surrounding musculature is a recipe for...

Healthy, Limitless, and Strong Movement

So if you’re tired of back pain, ache-inducing workouts, and feeling less than your best, then I have the perfect solution for you . . .


Better Back Movement

Don’t let back pain keep you from living life any longer.
My “Better Back Movement” program has been created based on firsthand experience, and has led to life-changing results!

In just 4 weeks, I’ll teach you the keys of core activation that will build up the muscles responsible for good posture, balance, and proper breathing.

You’ll learn exercises and techniques that are simple, and don’t put strain on your back.

And don’t worry about guessing how to fuel your newfound core strength - I’m going to give you a meal plan and help you make choices that will accelerate your recovery!

The best part?

You can do all of the training for my program in the comfort of your own home! No gym membership or expensive equipment needed.

I’ve had students who were relying on painkillers to get through their day give them up entirely after my four-week program.

But don’t take it from me - hear directly from my clients who have experienced the groundbreaking results of “Better Back Movement” firsthand!

What People Are Saying About 
“Better Back Movement”


    “Better Back Movement” 
    Is For Anyone Who . . .

    Struggles with back pain and wants to regain mobility and enjoy an active lifestyle
    Has trouble with maintaining good posture and wants to correct it
    Has experienced physical issues in other areas of their body that have been linked to back problems

    I’ve Made It Simple To Get Started

    On the other side of this page, you’ll get everything you need to login and get started right away.
    You don’t need to wait.

    Everything you need to start your journey is in the membership area.

    “Better Back Movement” contains the most effective, easy to follow, and efficient exercises to get you to moving graciously again!

    Are YOU Ready To Learn 
    The Step-By-Step Process To Strengthen Your Core?

    Here’s What You’ll Get In 
    “Better Back Movement”

    Core-Focused Breathing Techniques

     Core-Focused Breathing Techniques

    In just 4 weeks, you’ll learn the tricks to core activation that will help your body better manage exercise and movement, making workouts and other activities enjoyable again!

    Postural Improvements

     Postural Improvements

    Apart from the mechanical improvements that you will gain with better posture, you will feel more confident and aware with proper spinal alignment.

    Meal Plan and Protein Intake Management

     Meal Plan and Protein Intake Management

    Not only will I give you a meal plan to build up your core strength over 4 weeks - I’ll guide you to keep making protein-rich choices after that initial month!

    Progress Tracking and Exclusive Virtual Community

     Progress Tracking and Exclusive Virtual Community

    Ongoing support matters, and that’s why you’ll learn how to evaluate your progress when you join my exclusive Facebook group.
    You’ve already seen the results for yourself…
    And I'm on a mission to help YOU experience the life changing benefits of my “Better Back Movement” program.

    All you have to do is say YES . . . 

    For a very limited time, you can get access to
    “Better Back Movement”
     for . . .

    ONLY $47!

    You Really Only Have 3 Options...

    You Really 
    Only Have 3 Options...

    OPTION 1: You could leave this page. But after what you’ve just discovered about core strength . . . I’d be surprised if you make that choice. Besides, you will end up with the same disappointments, frustrations, and results.
    OPTION 2: You could go off and try to piece together different courses, materials, and exercises and go in blindly without knowing the exact process it takes to STRENGTHEN your CORE.
    OPTION 3: You can decide RIGHT NOW that you want to start learning how you can actually improve your posture with better core strength and start using my ”Better Back Movement” to learn the RIGHT way TODAY.
    The choice is yours…
    Your health and comfort should be your BIGGEST priority . . .

    About Dan Winter

    Dan Winter is a certified personal trainer who has studied kinesiology extensively.
    His interest grew when he found that a serious knee injury was actually related to unresolved problems with his back.

    Through extensive research and study, he learned an incredible method that not only made him feel better, but allowed him to be more active.

    He has been able to work as a raft guide, firefighter, and ski patrol thanks to his regular routine that improved the condition of his back.

    He knows how problematic aches and pains can be, and he is excited to help you experience better posture, movement, and overall quality of life!

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